Online stage:

Registrations going to be made between the 1st – 31th October, online, on the platform, by filling in all the necessary data in the registration form; after the registration, the system will automatically send a confirmation email that contains the filled in data for the user. The username will be the email address used to complete the registration form, and the password will be chosen by the user.
Beware! You are successfully registered if you received an email message titled "Register is ok".
You will be able to log in with the chosen email and password and you will be able to change some of the account details (the name of the school, county, etc.), except for the password and email adress.

Written Stage:

This stage will only be attended by participants chosen in the online stage, according to the set criteria. They will be present in the centers set by the organizers and published on the official website: Following an agreement with the Ministry of National Education, a decision will be made regarding the number of centers allocated to support the competition. The centers will be published in time on the website so that the students can identify the center where they will be present for the Written Stage.

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Should you encounter difficulties logging in please do not hesitate contact us.

How To Register To LuminaMath Online

To register to the LuminaMath competition you need to create an account on the platform and go through a few simple steps.



The first step is to create an account on the platform.



You will receive a message at the registered email address with a link to confirm the email address and registration process.


Log in

Make sure your username (email address) and password are correct, and you have access to your account before exam day.



On the exam day, you log in to the account with the user (email address) and password set.
We wish you good luck!