LuminaMath International Mathematics Competition

Deployment and organization regulations 2021-2022

LuminaMath is an international mathematics competition for students starting from 2nd grade until the 8th grade, giving them the possibility to verify their knowledge on a national level.

This year we are organizing the XXVth edition of the LuminaMath competition. The contest will take place in two stages: the online stage and the written stage.


Our competition aims to attract children towards exact sciences, raising the maths productivity, familiarizing children with the exam atmosphere and the multiple choice-type tests, and also their training for sitting international exams.

1. Calendar:

    08 – 12 November The online stage which takes place on different days (time interval  15:00-20:00) *
  • Monday 08 November clasa a V-a
  • Tuesday 09 November clasa a IV-a
  • Wednesday 10 November clasa a VII-a și clasa a VIII-a
  • Thursday 11 November clasa a III-a
  • Friday 12 November clasa a II-a și clasa a VI-a
    15 – 16 November Displaying results online stage
    4th December – The written stage – between the hours 10.00 – 12.00
    7 – 8 December Displaying results written stage
    9 - 10 December – Filing appeals
    13th December – Displaying the final results

*Important! For the online stage we do not accept any appeals.

2. Participation fee

We do not take any fees for participation.


3. Awards

We give participation diplomas to every student who is registered in the online stage. The participation diplomas will be found in pdf format on the email accounts which are affiliated to each student.

For the written stage will be given the following awards:
The awards diplomas will be given according to the following percentage:
80-100 points- 1st Prize
70-79,9 points- 2nd Prize
60-69,9 points – 3rd Prize
50-59,9 points – Mention


4. National Camp

The students who will be the first in their region/county, from each class, having a score of minimum 80 points, will participate in a national camp which will have maths lessons as well.

Also, the students who will get a score of minimum 80 points and will be placed in the first 30 students on a national level, will attend a national camp.


5. Registration

5.1. The Online Stage:

Registration will take place between 1st until 30th October online, on the platform, completing all the requirements in the registration form; after the registration, the system will send automatically a confirmation email which will contain the necessary data for the user. The username will be the email address which was written in the registration form, and the password will be chosen by the user.

Attention! You are successfully registered if you get an email with the title Registration is ok! At the end of the email you have to click on Press here to finalize the registration. And this is how you will confirm the registration.

IMPORTANT! Important! For each student you will use a unique email address. There cannot be two or more students registered with one email address.

You can log in with the email address and the chosen password and you can change some details of the account (schoolname,county,etc) but not the password and the email address.

5.2. The Written Stage::

In this stage, only the students selected on the online stage will participate, according to the established criteria. These will be present in the centres established by the organizers and announced on the official website The centres will be announced on the website so that the students can program their travel to the centre where the written stage will be available.


6. The development of the competition

The competition is a multiple choice-type test made of 30 questions for 2nd – 4th graders and 40 multiple choice problems for 5th-8th graders, each question having 5 options.

The format of the competition is the same for the online stage and the written stage.
The students will choose only one option.

7. Granting the score

All the problems that are part of a test are granted the same no matter what the difficulty level is.

The formula for calculating the final score is:

For 5th – 8th graders:
P = 20 (by default) + 2 x NRC – 0.5 x NRG
And for 2nd – 4th graders:
P = 25 (by default) + 2.5 x NRC – 0.5 x NRG
NRC- the number of correct answers
NRG- the number of wrong answers.
The answerless questions do not take scores.


8. The duration of the competition

The duration of the competition is 2 hours (120 minutes) for each stage with the mention that in the online stage the students can log in between 15:00 – 20:00.

For example: If a student will log in at 19:30 and will start the competition, then the system will allow him to answer the questions until 21:30 (when the 120 minutes will finish).

Taking into consideration that the medium time for each question is 3-4 minutes per question, the participants are advised to use their time efficiently.


9. Checking the scores

9.1. The online stage:

Checking the scores will be computerized, assuring the impartial calculation of the scores and the ranking.

The computer will display each question one by one. During the competition, from the moments the students press start online, they cannot press pause. If they want to postpone solving a problem, the students will press next, and the computer will display the next question. At the end of the test, only if they have more time, the students will choose redoing the unsolved problems, but this option will be available only once. The results of the online stage will be displayed on the 16th November 2021. The students who will qualify for the written stage will be the first 50 who obtained the highest scores from each class on the county level and the ones that obtained at least 50 points, and for Bucharest the first 50 students who obtained the highest scores on a sector level and the ones that obtained at least 50 points.

Attention! If for a grade (2nd grade, 3rd grade, etc) from a county there are less than 50 students registered in the online stage, all of them will qualify for the written stage which will take place at a centre chosen by the inspectorat, but there will not be a winner of the national camp. The national camp is awarded to the student with the highest score /grade/county if at that category qualified less than 50 students at the written stage.


9.2. The written stage:

The students that qualified after the online stage will be present at this stage.

The expenses regarding the transportation of the students will not be supported by the organizers.

Filling up correctly the answer sheets is part of the game. The answer sheets must be filled up with the pen/pencil, and the encirclement must be done sharply, so that the computer can read the answers from the sheets. The computer may not recognize other symbols (crosses, lines, dots, etc). The answer sheets must not have stains or erasures.

The computer points out the situations where the test has not been solved individually, thus the students will be eliminated from the competition.

The checking of the scores will be computerized, assuring the impartial calculation of the scores and establishing the ranking.

The results and rankings will be displayed on the official website Rezultatele și clasamentele vor fi afișate pe website-ul oficial

Between December 7 and 8, 2021, the partial results of the students will be displayed online (on the account of each participant), and between December 9-10, six may file appeals. On December 13, 2021, the final ranking will be displayed.


10. Tiebreaker

The following rules will apply for the 50 students who obtained the highest scores on each grade/county:

10.1. If there are more tied scores, the student who got a higher coefficient will qualify for the next stage. The coefficient is formed of: the total number of correct answers, the total number of correct answers with a higher degree of difficulty (A), the total number of correct answers with a medium degree of difficulty (M), and the total number of correct answers with an easy degree of difficulty(E).

The degrees of difficulty of the questions will be established after the competitions, according to the percentage of correct answers for each question. This algorithm will be used to establish the degrees of difficulty for all the questions. The questions with a lot of correct answers will be considered E, the next 8 questions will be M, the next 4 questions will be A and the last 4 questions will be F.D. For 5th-8th grades we will have the following distribution according to the number of students that answered correctly: the first 14 questions with the most correct answers will be considered E, the next 12 questions will be M, the next 8 questions will be A and the last 6 will be considered F.D.

10.2. If more students have the same score and the same coefficient, all of them will qualify.

10.3. If there are more students with the same score and the same coefficient on the 50th place, all of them will qualify for the written stage.

This regulation is valid for the International Mathematics Competition Luminamath 2021-2022. Any modification of the present regulation will be notified to the schools that will participate in the competition. You can consult the whole regulation here...

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